Having spent 26 years with lower back pain, with multiple visits to doctors, physios etc… I have now met people who have fixed the problem in 6 days.  I wish I had met R&R 20 years ago.

Frank, back pain

This week – my second with the R&R team – has been excellent in every way.  The venue was lovely, the atmosphere welcoming, the company lively and the treatments were wonderful.  Thank you.  

Jan, knee replacement

I arrived as a cynic and I leave as a convert and return home with a new attitude and confidence.  The skill of these professionals, packaged in the charm of a French manor house with the ambience of an English house party has made this a glorious week.  I arrived with no real medical issues but leave with a confidence in what I can achieve and understanding what my body is capable.  Thank you for your warmth, understanding, care and professional knowledge.  You have given me the hope of a brighter future.  


Following the advice I received on my R&R retreat, my back pain and my sciatica have completely gone and my life has been transformed.   I am in a completely different place with my back after only a relatively short time. I have seen SO MANY specialists of all kinds over the years but your advice has been the key which has unlocked things for me.

Hugo, Back Pain

Seven weeks after my spinal fusion surgery, R&R provided every tool I needed to calmly and sensibly begin my rehabilitation. A week of highly tailored physio, reformer Pilates, stretch and release classes with them has given me the knowledge and confidence to really progress my rehab at home. I could not have asked for more. Aside from the classes, the atmosphere was relaxed and inclusive, the French cuisine; fabulous, the setting serene and the company delightful. A hugely worthwhile and enjoyable experience.

Naomi, post spinal fusion

The programme is conceived with such attention to detail and delivered with and technical expertise and kindness (very underrated but so important).

Client, Back Pain Retreat

It is hard to believe that so much could be achieved in a week.  I am not a natural and depend a lot on clear and careful instruction – this is exactly what I was given.  The week gave me so much self-confidence and hope for a better physical future and all that comes with it.  

Rebecca, Spinal Fusion Recovery Programme

I have had a number of patients with long term back problems that fail to respond to conventional physiotherapy, osteopathy and chiropractic treatments.  I have used Restore and Reform as it allows the patient to have a focused platform of treatment for their back problems over several days and the combination of top level specialists, such as Michelle, and the quality of facilities have been a proven winner for my patients.

Certainly I have had a number of patients that have reported excellent results that they could not obtain elsewhere.  I would thoroughly recommend them.


Mr Bob Chatterjee,  MBBS MRCS MSc FRCS (Tr&Orth),  Consultant Spine Surgeon

I have got my body back.  I lived in fear of moving and the programme has let me return to exercise with confidence.  Every treatment and session strengthened and developed my confidence.  The team is amazing with an phenomenal back pain knowledge and experience.  I leave with my body feeling 10 years younger and pain-free.

Clare, Back Pain Sufferer

I really enjoyed meeting and working with you and honestly feel what R&R are doing is rather unique… a friendly, approachable and extremely knowledgable team who are passionate about their speciality, keen and eager to help, assist and share.


I can’t recommend this retreat enough. Quality and friendly care from pre-arrival, throughout the stay, and post return to the UK. No pain is too small or insignificant for the team and you can expect to be treated with the same consideration and bespoke attention as any one else in the group. In fact, while I was there, no two people in the small groups were doing the same exercises – a testament to the pride the team take in providing personalised care for their guests.

Lucy, Michelle and Abigail are joys to be around and make the whole process of recovery – yes, even those low moments – fun, positive and upbeat. If you’re lacking motivation, feeling frustrated or simply want a fresh take on an ongoing injury/condition, R&R is the place for you. Add to that the setting; the hotel provides a relaxing environment to unwind in, in between therapies, from the Ayurvedic and Elemis spa (I recommend the facial) to the cloud-like beds. 

Emma, hip pain, Back to Health Programme

After a detailed assessment, treatments and classes were based on my individual needs, and there was time for the team to really get to know my body and how it worked (or didn’t). It was all highly professional, but great fun, and very motivating. I am already recommending this to all my friends, it would appeal to anyone who likes to understand how their body works, and to keep it working at optimum level for as long as possible so that they can enjoy their sports, hobbies and pastimes.

Julia, Back to Health Programme

It was great to be around a group of very professional and positive individuals that understand your position.  I would highly recommend it to anyone and as they say we spend so much on our cars to keep them going, but rarely do we think of splashing out on sorting out our health issues!  Thank you to you all.

Sally, Recovery Programme

I feel that I have gained increased flexibility and range of movement.  I feel greater confidence in my flexibility, strength and range of movement.  I can trust myself to do things even if sometimes it’s uncomfortable or I feel as if I can’t / won’t be able to do it.   My expectations have been exceeded.  I came with the belief that the fact that physiotherapy and supervised exercise could help me.  However I was not expecting the speed and amount of improvement that I have achieved.

Karen, Spinal Patient

I feel that this week has kickstarted my return to exercise.  I feel a significant increase in the range of movement in my back.  The programme has been well-thought through and prepared by the team.  I loved the individual and tailored attention.  I could not wish for more.

Eliana, Back to Health Programme

I enjoyed and benefited from all of my treatments as a holistic experience.  The programme was well balanced and thought out.  The practitioners were able to give bespoke advice and be attentive to my particular issues and body ‘quirks’.  Time and care was given to achieve correct technique for exercises and this was very important to me.

I gained an enormous amount from challenging and working my knee, enabling more movement and function.  I felt confident enough to take my first jog since my surgery!  I was also reminded how the rest of the body needs stretching and mobilising too for improving posture and correcting back issues.

Jeff, Back to Health Programme

I spent a week focusing entirely on myself and my health and see it as the best investment in my future that I could have made.  I left the week feeling totally mobile, much more confident, and ready to face the world! I  couldn’t recommend R&R highly enough!

Fiona, Recovery Programme, post total hip replacement

Although in the very early stages of her recovery, the patient has responded extremely well to the combination of injections and the R&R rehab programme. Her confidence in her own body has improved enormously, and she is moving pain-free for the first time in years.

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The Times

The programme was wonderful. I was given so much personalised attention and really felt like I was being listened to.

At no point did I feel like I was vulnerable or doing a move that might damage my back and it was so refreshing to focus on doing things well and safely, instead of trying to do the most reps of each exercise.

Clare, Back to Health Programme, spinal injection patient

I have a much greater sense of how I can manage discomfort and pain and what actually works for me. The week gave me some much needed time to think differently about physical exercise and what to prioritise in my life. I have really valued hearing expert advice and being treated by very knowledgeable therapists.

Fiona, Back to Health Programme

I have gained so much confidence and a lot more mobility. My lower back pain has gone. The best thing for me is that I have been able to forget at times that I even have a problem

Sarah, Recovery Programme, post spinal fusion

The programmes are relaxing and effective all at once… the one-to-one sessions on these retreats can be transformational, so do embrace them

Caroline Sylger-Jones
Queen of Retreats

The Back to Health Programme was created by a personable and energetic duo – physio michelle Lewis, with her former spinal fusion surgery patient and friend Lucy Nifontova – impressively, they also had guidance from Lucy’s orthopaedic surgeon , one of London’s leading lights. It combined physio, soft tissue massage, daily reformer sessions and group classes, all delivered by real experts, to help ease our muscular tension and help us reconnect with our bodies in a kind and gentle way

Caroline Sylger-Jones
Queen of Retreats

The Programme far exceeded my expectations. I am now walking properly again and can stand up straight without effort. Breathing and general movement have very much improved. I am now confident that the difficulties and discomfort in my back and hip will be resolved.

Ralph, Back to Health Programme

The best part was having therapists who were all top of the tree and you could entirely trust them and feel 100% safe and confident in what they were doing

Recovery Programme – post total-shoulder replacement

The programme exceeded my expectation in many ways. It has most definitely been a hugely restorative week for me on so many levels. I am aware that I feel lighter, more positive, less restricted and more balanced. Huge thanks to you all.

Client, Recovery Programme, post total shoulder replacement

Having bespoke, thoughtful programme for the week made us both feel supported and being able to lie in the sunshine on beautifully comfortable loungers and read or chat after a private massage or physio session was total bliss

Caroline Sylger-Jones
Queen of Retreats

Years of back pain, a reconstructed ankle and hypermobility – for Michelle this was a doddle to treat. Within a couple of months working with her she revolutionised my physical (and mental) wellbeing where so many others had failed.

Targeted exercises that seemed so ridiculously small and simple – and impossible for me to find an excuse not to do at home – made the most dramatic difference. If you ever have the opportunity to be treated by Michelle, grab it with both hands!


The programme has met my expectations above and beyond. I was unsure of how much progress I would make in one week but I feel like I’ve come on in leaps and bounds. Everyone here has made me feel so supported and relaxed allowing me to really focus on myself.

Sarah, Recovery Programme, post spinal fusion

I feel that I have gained real freedom of movement. I am excited about the progress that I have made in such a short space of time, gaining so much more movement from the starting point and also confidence.


Diana, Recovery Programme, post total shoulder replacement

We both finished the week on a natural high with great sun tans, leaving with clear advice and guidance from the team about what we could continue to do at home to nurture our incredibly relaxed, ache free and stronger bodies. If I had a surgery or an injury, I’d feel safe booking a recovery week with this team.

Queen of Retreats

My patient has recovered from her twelve-level scoliosis correction extremely well and in particular, gained significant benefit following an intensive rehab course in Portugal with Restore and Reform.

Mr Thomas Ember, MBBS MRCS (Lon&Glas) FRCS (Tr&Orth) Consultant Spinal Surgeon

I have gained so much confidence!! And the ability to move easier, in a better and safer way.   The treatments were so holistic and changed daily depending on my needs.

The knowledge of my condition and interest in me as a patient from the whole team constantly reassured (and really impressed) me! It was so good to hand over the reins to such a fantastic team and come away with such great results.

It’s such a great idea and concept. Even on my return to London I know there will be further support from the team so I will be stronger and in such a good position to take my treatment forward.

Thanks all for such an enriching, interesting, challenging (in a good way!), motivating and fun week!



Clare, Back to Health Programme, spinal injection patient

Thank you so much to you and your amazing team – we’ve enjoyed the week so much, learnt a lot of new things, and really want to explore the possibilities that you have presented to us.

Husband Wife and Son, Back to Health Programme

I have gained so much confidence in my movement and loved knowing that you were all on hand to make sure that I was moving safely and not creating more damage.  I have also gained knowledge which I will be able to put into practice on my return home.

Alastair, Back to Health Programme

I enjoyed all of the treatments because they all provided something different.  I now have confidence that I can get better with my feet!  The continuous stretching which has helped me overall and the continuous support that was provided every day was a huge bonus.  My overall confidence has improved and my whole body feels different.  I appreciated the receiving the support that I had dealing with niggles as they arose.

Sally, Recovery Programme

I received detailed and professional advice.  My biggest benefit from the week was learning how to stretch out tight areas of the body and to increase flexibility in the spine.  I also really enjoyed the schedule – it was a good balance of all treatments and classes.  There was enough flexibility to change and add classes and sessions as necessary.

  Linda, Back to Health Programme

The level of care and knowledge from all of the R&R team was brilliant.  Classes were great and I felt very looked after.

I truly believe that all of the R&R team were invested in my recovery.  I have gained so much confidence in my physical ability and confidence in moves that I thought I would never be able to do again.

I have a renewed belief that ‘I can do this’.


Natalie, Post-Natal Programme