When should I take part?

Your consultant will be able to advise you when they would be happy for you to participate in an active recovery programme, as this can but typically it is appropriate for anyone who is six weeks to two years post-surgery, although for maximum effect should be completed within six months of your operation. We will also need confirmation from your consultant that they are happy for you to take a short-haul flight.


For optimum results, the Programme provides six days of intensive reconditioning. We work with you to develop a flexible programme to help you reach your recovery goals so each class and treatment will be tailored to your needs.

Private Treatments​

  • Postural and Biomechanical Assessment with Physiotherapist (55 mins)
  • Physiotherapy (30 mins) x 2
  • Soft Tissue Therapy (55 mins) x 2

Pilates Sessions​

  • Basic Principles of Posture and Pilates (30 mins) x 1
  • Duet Reformer Pilates (55 mins) x 5
  • Physiotherapist led Pilates based Restore Class (55 mins) x 5

Mobility and Stretch Sessions

  • Therapist-led Stretch Class (30 mins) x 5
  • Mobility Class (30 mins) x 2


This compact Programme is for those who would like to recondition, but may not be able to spare the time to do the comprehensive six day programme.

Private Treatments​

  • Postural and Biomechanical Assessment with Physiotherapist (55 mins)
  • Physiotherapy (30 mins) x 1
  • Soft Tissue Therapy (55 mins) x 1

Pilates Sessions​

  • Basic Principles of posture and Pilates (30 mins) x 1
  • Duet Reformer Pilates (55 mins) x 2
  • Physiotherapist led Pilates based Restore Class (55 mins) x 2

Mobility and Stretch Sessions

  • Therapist-led Stretch Class (30 mins) x 2
  • Mobility Class (30 mins) x 1


Before you join the programme

You will have an initial triage call with our Lead Physiotherapist who will find out a bit more about you, the history that led to you requiring surgery and nature of your surgery. We will also ask your pre surgery level of function, long term activity goals and your objectives from your R&R holiday. We will also speak to your consultant and to your current musculoskeletal therapist to ascertain as much about your relevant medical history as necessary and your progress thus far.  We will also ask for copies of any imaging you have had taken. We will require written permission from your consultant that you are fit to fly.


Programme Description

Your initial physiotherapy consultation will include a full physical assessment to assess posture and gait, measure the range of movement in the toes, foot and ankle, the  strength in the surrounding muscles of the foot and ankle, and assess the balance (proprioception) where appropriate. The assessment will also include assessment of soft tissue length of the lower limb, and strength of the core, pelvis, hips and legs, all instrumental in regaining correct gait and function, which will then determine the focus of each of your therapy and exercises sessions for the week.

Further physiotherapy sessions might include manual release work to reduce any localised muscle tightness and spasm, joint mobilisations to increase mobility; dry needling to support muscle relaxation and improve circulation to support healing; taping to provide stability; and land and pool based exercise prescription.

Soft Tissue Therapy Sessions might focus on soothing aching muscles, releasing tightened muscles and joints which can contribute to pain, and helping to realign any imbalances resulting from muscle tightness.

Your Reformer Pilates sessions will be entirely bespoke to you and your capabilities. It doesn’t matter if this is your first or hundredth session on the reformer and all classes will be at your own pace. Exercises on the reformer machine are performed either with your spine resting on a carriage, or in sitting or standing, enabling you to work on strengthening the foot and ankle with correct posture but in a safe and supported position. The Reformer also allows for a variable resistance to work against, and as such is excellent when working to increase load bearing post operatively. Sessions will focus restoring postural strength and awareness, increasing mobility and helping you to strengthen the muscles around the foot and ankle and lower limb.

Your daily Restore Classes will have no more than five participants, and will focus on mobility and muscle conditioning. Your exercise programme in class will be tailored to you and your needs. Sessions are led by our physiotherapist, ensuring that you are taught how to exercise safely and within your limitations.

The daily stretch classes will focus on releasing tightened muscles, encouraging efficient breathing and relaxation exercises, whilst bringing an awareness to sitting and standing posture.  Your mobility classes will teach you how to self-release tight muscles with the use of props.


* Available at additional cost

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