The R&R physio-led Pilates retreat gave me my life back

The R&R physio-led Pilates retreat gave me my life back

Harriet, 23, had a spinal fusion when she was 18 to correct a scoliosis.  She received little physiotherapy after her surgery and so struggled for some years managing her pain.  Here is her story of her time with us.  

by Emma Pritchard

The impact that pain has had on my life

I’ve lived in pain for as long as I can remember.  I was diagnosed with scoliosis aged 16 and have joint hypermobility syndrome.  Despite having a spinal fusion when I was 18, I’ve found it hard to function without powerful painkillers.  It’s negatively impacted my career, my social life and my self-confidence. 

Restore and Reform gave me hope I could reclaim my body

I was starting to give up hope when I heard about Restore & Reform mobility retreats: physio-led programmes, tailored to the individual and designed for people needing prehab, rehab or those simply wanting to move better and live pain-free.

I feel I have taken back control of my life

Over a long weekend I attended physio-led Pilates classes and stretching sessions – with bespoke exercises

(the groups are small enough to allow this) and had soft tissue massage.  The R&R team of experts showed me how to move with correct body alignment and to manage my conditions independently.  For the first time in years I have been able to come off my pain medication and been empowered to take back control of my life.

Harriet’s programme included reformer Pilates


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