What Are The Benefits Of Doing An Intensive Rehabilitation Program?

Daily treatment means that we can assess, correct and adapt your programme to meet your changing needs. The intensity of the programs allows treatment to be very focused, which means that your body will adapt and become susceptible to lasting physical changes.  The intensive program will teach you ways of moving to break bad habits and reduce poor movement patterns that can result in pain or disability.

This type of intensive, tailored treatment has many psychological benefits too. It’s designed to keep you motivated whilst building confidence in your body and what it’s capable of, allowing you to build a solid foundation to grow from.  Evidence shows that a period of intensive physiotherapy results in long-term improvements in pain and disability and therefore, an improvement in function and quality of life.

I Already Have A Physiotherapist – Can I Still Come To You?

Yes. Most of our clients have been seeing physiotherapists for some time already. With your permission, we prefer to speak to your physiotherapist before you come on the holiday. This allows us to learn about your injury and continue your existing recovery programme. After you’ve completed the Recovery Holiday, we’ll share our notes with your physiotherapist to ensure a seamless treatment pathway.

How Soon After Surgery Can I Come On The Recovery Holiday?

Your consultant will be able to advise you this.  This can be done before your surgery (ask for an indication of when you will be fit to travel).  Immediately after surgery, your body will be recovering from the operation itself and is unlikely to be ready to start an intensive rehabilitation programme.

Restore and Reform is unable to provide any personal care or nursing, so this programme is not suitable for those ready to leave hospital, but not yet ready to go home.

Will You Speak To My Consultant Before I Come On The Recovery Holiday?

We do prefer to speak to your consultant before you come to us and where appropriate, we’ll also ask them to share any imaging, so that we can learn as much about your injury as possible. We already have relationships with many of London’s orthopaedic surgeons and all you’ll need to do is sign a release. We’ll also send your consultant a report at the end of the Recovery Holiday to update them on your progress.

I Usually See My Physiotherapist Once A Week. Will My Body Cope With Daily Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy involves a range of different techniques and we’ll create a suitable programme for you. As an example; one day may be focused on manual treatment, another could be spent in the gym doing exercises with a physiotherapist, while on another you might have acupuncture. The versatility of these techniques and the fact that the entire programme is bespoke to you means that we will always be working within your own body’s limits.

I’M In Pain – Is The Programme Too Much For My Body?

Nearly all of our clients will be in some sort of pain when they come to us. Injuries are painful, but our programs are designed to help you manage that pain. Your consultant or physiotherapist will be able to advise if you’re ready for the programme. If you don’t have a consultant or physiotherapist, or would like to have a chat about your needs, give us a call on 0203 609 0974.

Can I Continue My Treatment With The Restore And Reform Team When I Return To The UK?

The sole focus of Restore and Reform is to provide intensive, active rehabilitation holidays and we don’t currently have any plans to offer our services in the UK. However, all of our physiotherapists, soft tissue therapists and reformer Pilates instructors also practice in some of London’s leading clinics and studios. You will be able to continue your treatment with them if you choose.

Can I Bill My Treatments To My Health Insurance Provider?

We are happy to produce an invoice for you on request to pass onto your health insurance provider to request reimbursement.

When I Book With You What Is Included?

Your accommodation and all of the treatments listed in the programme are included. For an extra charge you can book additional 1:1 reformer Pilates, physiotherapy and soft tissue therapy. We can also provide: 1:1 yoga classes, personal training, scar treatment therapy and more on request.  This may vary depending on the hotel we’re working with, so please check the details of each Holiday carefully.

Your flights and travel insurance are not included.

Do I Need Travel Insurance?

We strongly advise you to get travel insurance before attending a Restore and Reform Holiday. Ensure that you have declared any pre-existing conditions to your travel insurance provider before travelling.

What Should I Bring With Me?

You should bring any medication with you, subject to you checking the import laws of your medication in the country that you are travelling to.

Please bring clothing appropriate for a warm climate, as well as clothes suitable for doing light exercise in. Clothing for the reformer Pilates classes shouldn’t be too loose, to prevent anything getting caught in the machine.  We provide all gym equipment, foam rollers, mats and resistance bands.

Can I Travel With My Medication?

Many painkillers are opiates and there are strict border controls on these.  It is your responsibility to check that you are able to import these into the country that you are travelling to.  Make sure that you have a copy of any prescriptions with you when you travel.  Our staff do not have prescribing capabilities.

I Would Like To Come For More Than Six Days, Can This Be Arranged?

Yes. Please call or email us to discuss any bespoke requirements beyond the 7-night, 6-day package.

Can I Bring Family Or Friends With Me?

Yes. This is a holiday and we encourage you to bring your family or friends with you. You’ll have plenty of time to spend with them as your rehabilitation programme will take between 1.5 and 3 hours each day, depending on the level of participation that you choose. There are lots of facilities at the hotel to keep your loved ones entertained.

How Soon After Giving Birth Can I Come On The Women’S Health Post Natal Holiday?

If you’re bringing your baby with you, the standard guidance is that your child is 4 months old before you travel.

I’M Coming On My Own, How Many Group Activities Will There Be?

We have daily group classes which provide a good opportunity to meet other guests on the Recovery Holiday.

What Are The Childcare Arrangements?

Childcare arrangements vary from hotel to hotel and the details of each are outlined in the description of each holiday. In some of the hotels, there will be an additional charge for childcare.  Anantara Vilamoura and Shanti Maurice both have excellent childcare options and these are detailed on their pages on this site.