Clare’s Back to Health Experience

Clare’s Back to Health Journey

Clare had suffered from back pain for a prolonged period.  She got in touch with the R&R team who put her in touch with an orthopaedic spinal specialist before joining us in Portugal for a week.  She has made a marvellous recovery.

Ready to try anything to solve my back pain

After suffering from acute back pain for nearly two years, I was ready to try anything. Unfortunately, I’d been sent from pillar to post by the NHS and was no clearer about the actual issues with my back, but I knew that painkillers and flat shoes were not a long term solution. My most recent bout of back seizures had left me completely immobile whilst on holiday in Ireland, and the physio I managed to see was selling me the virtues of Pilates whilst treating me.

When I came back to the UK I started doing some research and looking for an intensive retreat in the UK for treating back pain through physio-led Pilates, but I happened upon R&R which seemed to tick all the boxes, and was in Portugal so guaranteed some sun!

Clare’s R&R Programme included physiotherapy, soft tissue therapy, Pilates, reformer PIlates and Stretch classes

In capable hands

I completed a really short form online and Lucy called me straight back for an initial consultation and to find out a bit more about my situation. From the get-go, she made me feel like I was in very capable hands. Being a patient herself, she had so much knowledge of the industry and was able recommend a spinal specialist and within weeks I had an MRI and diagnosis.

The power of intensive rehabilitation

Once we knew the issue, the R&R team put together my personalised schedule and we were off to Portugal.  The whole process and service was so personal and really made me feel like I had been listened to. I really believed in the power of intensive rehabilitation. Something about removing yourself from your day to day life and focusing on your recovery really resonated with me. Not having to commute, carry heavy shopping, sit at a heavy desk or do labour intensive chores felt like the best way to give your body a chance to improve.

Working towards recovery

I loved the format of the retreat. I like routine and the structure of the days allowed me to maximise my recovery whilst enjoying a holiday and having a much needed break. The fact that the treatment was so holistic (and changed daily depending on my needs) meant that you always felt you were working towards recovery. The stretch class put you in a great mind-set for the rest of the day, and then all the subsequent classes/treatments flowed well into each other.

Learning to move again

It’s such a great idea and concept. Since my return to London there has been so much support from the team so I will be stronger and in such a good position to take my treatment forward.  At no point did I feel like I was vulnerable or doing a move that might damage my back and it was so refreshing to focus was on doing things well and safely, not trying to do the most reps.

The knowledge of my condition and interest in me as a patient from the whole team constantly reassured (and really impressed) me! It was so good to hand over the reins to such a fantastic team and come away with such great results. I have gained so much confidence!! And the ability to move easier, in a better way. The programme was wonderful and went above and beyond my expectations. My knowledge and understanding about my condition and my treatment increased no end. It was such an enriching, interesting, challenging (in a good way!), motivating and fun week!

Two months on…

I have actually been discharged from Mr Ember and London Bridge Hospital as my herniated disc has completely re-absorbed into my system and I am no longer feeling any back pain!  To be back, fighting fit within 2 months of the retreat is incredible and I am so pleased to be back to normal.

Clare MRI Before Injections and R&R

Clare MRI Before Injections and R&R

Clare MR Post Injections and R&R

Clare MR Post Injections and R&R

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