Take control of your pain once and for all, by signing up for a life-changing (and that adjective really is justified…) wellness retreat that’s set to make preventative therapy the norm.

One of Europe’s Top 20 Spas and Bootcamps.



Our aim is to make rehabilitation enjoyable. By combining different disciplines, we offer each client a tailored therapy programme that will enhance your recovery in the most efficient way. Treatments on our holidays include: physiotherapy, soft tissue therapy, scar work, reformer Pilates, mat Pilates, Stretch classes and more.

Located in beautiful venues in West Sussex and Portugal, each holiday runs for three days or one week, giving you long enough to break from your usual routine and see lasting change, as well as to enjoy the benefits of the therapies and exercise, both on body and mind.

Each programme is designed by our clinical experts with input from London’s leading orthopaedic surgeons and post-surgery patients. Together we can help to: relieve pain, increase mobility, accelerate tissue healing, strengthen weakened muscles, reduce inflammation and improve joint health.

We can help you manage your pain, rebuild your strength and rehabilitate your body.

Relax, repair, recharge and recover with Restore and Reform.

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